List of Vintage Dubuque Prints

Dubuque Industries

8th and Main looking south


800 block on Main looking north


Bridges on Mississippi (color)


Bridges on Mississippi (black and white)

Dubuque Industries

Dubuque Industries


Dubuque Harbor


Dubuque Star



Main Street in Dubuque

Main Street in Dubuque


Eagle Point


Grant Headquarters


Grant Paper


Grant Reception 1


Grant Reception 2


Grant's Home


Kelly's Bluff




Old Chicago


Old Downtown Dubuque


Steamboat and Tug


Steamboat Riot


Steamer DBQ


Trolley Main


Welcome Home, General


List of Dubuque 1904 Industries and addresses from 1904 Dubuque CIty Directory

Dubuque Star Brewing Co. 4th Street & Levee Front
Connolly's Carriage Manufactory SW corner 7th & Iowa
Telegraph Herald NE corner 7th & Main
Smedley Steam Pump Works 871 Garfield Avenue
H.B. Glover (Factory/Salesroom) NE corner 6th & Locust
H.B. Glover (Warehouse) Corner 5th & Iowa
Farley & Loetscher Mfg. Co. NW corner 7th & Jackson
Palmer Berg & Co. NW corner 6th & Iowa
Dubuque Harness & Saddlery Co. 271-281 Main
Schroeder-Kleine Grocer Co. 90-104 Main
Dubuque Business College NE corner 8th & Locust
M. Schmitt Wholesale Wine & Liquor 506 Main
Bradley Bros. Wholesale Cigars 717 Iowa