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Custom Framing

Here at Kathie's Frame Shoppe, all framing is performed by the owner, Kathie Andersen.  

Custom Framing is an artform unto itself.  It should display the artwork in the best possible way and protect the artwork from damage, but also, the frame should accent the artwork and add to its visual appeal.  There are many wonderful materials available now with brilliant colors, interesting matting options, and a variety of glass options that can have a dramatic affect on your artwork.


Pricing -
We are very straight forward and honest when it comes to pricing our framing services.  We promise to deliver quality and expertise in guiding you to the right solution.  Our pricing is very much in line with the going rates and we do not resort to the deceptive practices of some of the big box stores.  The best way to begin a framing project is to visit the store with your artwork in hand.  Giving an accurate quote for custom framing on a website or over the phone is extremely difficult and misleading because of the custom nature of framing.  Quoting a project without seeing it in person is actually doing you a disservice.  Part of the beauty and fun of custom framing is designing it with you!  Bring in your piece and let us show you the myriad of options for frame colors and textures, matting, glazing, mounting, conservation services and glass options, and how all of these elements come together to produce a truly inspired and well-crafted design!  Once you've been in the shoppe and seen what we can do, you will instantly understand why quoting over the phone is just not feasible or desireable.  But most importantly, you'll see how much fun it is!  Call us up and make an appointment or stop by and see us! We look forward to helping you with your next project!  563-590-2838  or visit our Contact Us page here.

Why Custom Framing?

Design - Even when you are framing an inexpensive item, the frame itself will either add to, or detract from its visual appeal.  From the color of frame and matting you choose, to the size of the matting itself relative to the thickness of the frame, each design element can have dramatic effects on the way the eye sees the artwork.  Colors can draw attention to or distract from certain elements in the art, and the relative size of the frame and matting can make or break the impact of the art.  Professional framers are trained in design concepts and these, combined with an artistic eye, can take an ordinary painting and transform it into something truly visually stunning!  Utilize our expertise to match your artwork and framing packages to your home or office decor to make an even grander statement!

Protection - Photographs, oil paintings, fabric, watercolor, lithography, all of these mediums have a specific chemical makeup and require the expertise of a professional framer to determine what matting materials, glass and other components will either have a damaging or protective effect on them.  The chemical make-up of the matting and substrate can actally interact to destroy the artwork itself.  Careful consideration in choosing the right materials will eliminate these potential threats.  There are also many key factors to keep in mind when framing an object to ensure there is the correct amount of space between layers of the frame to control and protect against moisture.  Light also has damaging effects over time, but with the correct guidance, you can choose from many new technological advancements in glass and acrylic to take advantage of their UV blocking qualities.  These advanced materials are also optimized to let a certain amount of light in to show the piece, and to only reflect a small percentage of light to reduce glare.  We can show you many different examples so you can choose the glass or acrylic that makes your artwork shine!

Value - Custom framing is an exciting way to add value to your artwork, maximize its visual impact, and protect it for years to come.  All of this adds up to a valuable piece of art, whether in a financial or sentimental sense.  It ensurse that, no matter what your are framing, will be around untouched by moisture, light, or other damage, for you and your family to enjoy. 

Kathie's Frame Shoppe offers hundreds of different styles, shapes, colors, and materials of frames, from the classic to the modern and unique, along with a multitude of matting styles and materials to add that perfect accent.  All of our materials are engineered to protect your vaulable item.  Combine science with a truly wonderful assortment of finishes, colors, and textures, and you end up with a truly unique, one of kind, piece that you can be proud of and inspired by!

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